📍 Senegal


AfroPop / Afro Soul / Afro Urban – Pan African – #SenegalToTheWorld

Singer & Songwriter, artistically directed by Viking Musik.

He is an international artist, representing the innovation from Senegal to the world, through his melodies, Pan African – International sounds and lyrics. He is a Wolof exporter and a great live performer, with an International career, together with his band, the Conquerors, with an experience based on artists like: Youssou Ndour, Omar Penè, Souleymane Faye, Carlou D.

He can play solo, in a duo or band!

Skilled in singing/melodies, playing guitar & composition.

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📍 Italy


Nu Soul / Future Soul – Band 

The concept of kindness is the common thread between music, sounds, nature and hyperspace.

Curiosity: they play plants through a tech-system connected to them (or objects with high conductivity) to create spatial atmospheres, with the possibility of being accompanied by animated 3D visual projections.

Their project debuted live in spring/summer 2022 with a series of concerts with a tour between Genova, Marche and Puglia.

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📍 Senegal / Italy


Black Terrone/Afro Urban – Singer Songwriter

Free and United Lands of Africa. 

Born in Senegal, grew up in Calabria. His music comes from African and Afro Music (Blues,Soul, Reggae, Rap, Jazz, Afrobeats).

“My Afro music calls out some rudimental aspect of life, rooted and not changeable feelings of the human being such as nostalgia and joy”

He is the first Afro Urban artist in Italy, fluently mixing his two cultures: the Italian one and the Senegalese one.

F.U.L.A. tells his story translating it into universal themes in which anyone could mirror and feel represented. His love for literature supports his songwriting.

Tv & Radio experiences and guests at Real Talk, TRX, TFM (Youssou N’Dour Senegalese Tv channel), RTF, Viberadio Senegal; live and concerts, i.g. opening Burna Boy in Rome and Triennale Milano, Dakar Music Expo ‘21, Casamance & Italian Tours.

Featured on Rolling Stones, Noisey/Vice, and got playlists such as Raptopia, New Music Friday.

Nowadays he’s living between Italy and Senegal, sessioning and playing with diverse and international artists, musicians and realities such as Viking Musik Senegal, Alassane Badboy, Dj Crazy, Karantaba, Leuz Diwane G, PPS the Writah. 

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📍 Italy


Afro Experimental Jazz / Jazztronica / Afrobeat / UK Jazz

Duo & collective project led by the drummer (Alessandro Trani) and the keyboardist (Alessandro Pollio), with a sound that they define as Afro Experimental Jazz, close to the UK Jazz scene.

They are musicians and composers who are always looking to experiment and develop their music also through the guesting of singers/songwriters and other musicians (percussions, air, strings…). 

They are the innovative project to be discovered, for your Festival and your playlist! 

Their experiences are top qualified, international and certified, they are music coaches and own a Music Academy.

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📍 Italy


Urban Pop – Gen Z – Singer/Songwriter

Singer & Songwriter, artistically directed by Yves the Male.

She represents Gen Z through her melodies & lyrics, with a fresh touch of Urban Pop vibes.

A busker in the streets of Milano and a great performer on stage!

Skilled in playing guitar & piano, and Opera singing. 

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📍 Italy


Afro Urban/Urban Pop – Composer & Author / Creative Director

The very first Afro Urban / Urban Pop Composer published in Italy. Now co-published by NoOx Worldwide & Metatron Publishing.

He’s the reference for creatives and projects in the Afro Urban sound, in Italy.

His approach is international, he composes for and sessions with top quality and major artists in the Music Industry scenario. 

Always ready to get the business done and to collaborate with great minds and voices. 

He’s really keen on hooks and toplines ;)

Now creative director and composer for Fenice, he has a complete Palma Res of experiences such as: Nitro, Beba and Carl Brave, Palmitessa, F.U.L.A., Tommy Kuti, Dany Faiv, Miriam Ayaba and many others. 

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📍 Senegal 


Afro Soul & Rock Fusion – Pan African Pirates Band 

Based in Senegal, they represent multiple countries: Senegal, Italy, Egypt, Gabon, Benin, Spain, France and… the Universe. They perform their original compositions mixed with Nu Soul, Afrobeat, Rock and Jazz with traditional rhythms such as Sabar.

Their wishes: to embark on a pirate journey with the audience, into the unconscious world of dreams in search of great treasures.

Powerful rhythms, touching melodies, acting and participatory interaction. Their goal is that everyone can go home with stars in their eyes and two words in mind, or rather in the heart: Ndeye San!

Theirs is already a long palmares of international concerts with international audiences. All that remains is to discover them!

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📍 Italy


Afro Urban / Afro Neapolitan / Singer & Songwriter

JEEZUS, half Nigerian and half Neapolitan, was born in ‘99 in Fabriano, Italy. His first mixtape, Jeezus Mixtape, is out when at the age of 17 years old.

He’s now on the spotlight of local and national media, and his releases have been included in such playlists as Spotify’s Anima R’nB & Vevo’s New Comers & Made in Napoli

He’s been producing and releasing through important distributions such as Believe Italia (2020), Ingrooves/Universal Music italia (2022) and Altafonte italia (2023).

He totaled about 800.000+ streams, and he’s keeping on growing.

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