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Innovative start-up, bridging Italy, the Afro Community & Sub Saharan Africa, starting from Senegal. 2022 Keychange Innovator & Genova Global Awards winner.

We have been pioneering the Afro Urban Market in Italy since 2018. 

We aim to represent Africa and its diaspora far from stereotypes through the Inclusion of diverse sounds, languages, attitudes, lifestyle, internationalization, research & disclosure. 

We are the reference for the Afro Urban Market in Italy and Senegal.

Some of the actions to reach our mission:

  • Social Innovation through the inclusion of “diverse” sounds/ languages (Wolof, Pidgin’ En, Lingala…)/cultures & trends in the EU market, and the building of a representation of underrepresented communities such as the Afro community one.
    Working with realities enhancing the representation of diversities in young Italians;

  • Export of African innovative sounds / building structures behind realities of the music market starting from the French-phone West Africa;

  • Musically & internationally working between artists and professional realities in Africa (i.g. Senegal – South Africa);

  • Partnering and collaborating with strong institutions and enterprises (Keychange Europe, Metatron Group, Dakar Music Expo, Istituto Italiano di Cultura a Dakar, Coop allo Sviluppo Italia-Senegal, Ambasciata italiana a Dakar, Electropark Festival / Forevergreen.fm Associazione Impresa Sociale, The Orchard Africa, Garrincha Distr. …) active in the social innovation and music to empower our mission through the market;

  • Europe-Africa-Afro community: win-win business exchange, empowerment and business awareness through education for young artists and professionals.



CEO & Founder, Artist/Label Manager, Creative Director


24/7 managing & networking (no sleeping) #worldwide


Co-Founder, Admin & Afro Urban projects.


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