PONTOS Festival ’23

Pontos is a new adventure made by and for the new generation of Italians ready to innovate and dialogue. It’s Art, history, economy, words, books, music, food… It’s us.

“Pontos: Euromediterraneo in Dialogo Festival” is not just a Festival – it’s an opportunity to share and represent our common expressions and languages through a fil rouge, the water of the Mediterranean sea and crossing diverse sectors.

The sea that connects – the bridge in between the continents is on us to be created, developed and innovate through open hearts, minds and deconstructed thoughts / storytelling.

Pontos is a project taking place in Genova, first, nationally and internationally, after, and it is promoted by Nuovi Profili and other subjects such as NoOx, CONNGI and many others.

NoOx Worldwide is honored to be part of the building process of an open dialogue and practices.

Thanks to SiMohamed Kaabur who asked us to be part of the project and the new team of young social innovators, creatives and professionals. 


During the Festival, NoOx joined the Production and Event Management team with Silvia Nocentini representing the roles of: Creative Direction, Strategy, PR, Artist Relations and Liaison, Artistic Production. 

Diverse artists and creative acts performed at Pontos, such as: Mirna Kassis and Raffaele Rebaudengo (Traditional Arab Music with violin arrangements), Alessandra Ravizza and Andrea Megliola (Rebis, music in Arab, Italian and French with cross-over Mediterranean sounds), Marco Nocentini (HandpaNox with his handpan and sound tuning from the Celtic, Balkanic and North African world), “Centootto” (the Documentary promoted by Claudio Paravati – Confronti), Ferdaous Harfi’s live painting performance, Ilir Laci (Music & Cultures from Albania on the day of Albanian Independence day), the Andersen’s Terraneo (Musical Reading), Sinestesie’s vinyl set by Dj Hô-catalá, the artistic exhibition of Simon Claviere Schiele’s textile art and the Moroccan Tea ceremony di Al-Mouhajir

“The production of a festival, it is never an easy task, it is good to speak about it as it could be a job opportunity for the young generations, but also an opportunity to grow and develop creative and entrepreneurial skills” – Silvia Nocentini

The idea of this festival is indeed the one of commissioning the whole mission to young people, through an inter-generational and intersectional dialogue.

Young people along the festivals gave inputs and shared ideas to develop and innovate through initiatives and events like Pontos and the series of activities that will be happening during the following year for the “warming up” phase before the next edition. 

“It’s through the young people’s activism that we can really concretize the bridges and the dialogue in between diverse cultures of the Mediterranean area” – Meghi Lala. 

The goal of this festival, for Silvia (and so, for NoOx) is to create a space that can be perpetuated and developed in the future. This space has to be safe, inclusive, intersectional and must be a job opportunity to those who are already inside the festival and for those who are not yet in… And it has to be an opportunity for the city (Genova) and in general, for the world in and outside the city.

For three days, Genova was again a space of dialogue between people from Albania, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Syria and other sides of the Mediterranean territories. 

The locations, which saw the first edition of Pontos live, where diverse and expanded along the city: Palazzo Ducale, Acquario di Genova, Villa Bombrini, Teatro di Strada Nuova, Carlo Felice. 

Serena Bertolucci, the director of Palazzo Ducale, in her final speech, declared the Sala del Maggior Consiglio, of the Palace itself, represented over time a space of meeting and important decisions for the 4 continents. It is, indeed, represented on a 800’s fresco on the ceiling’s wall of the main room a figurative meeting of diverse representatives of the 4 continents, cordially dialoguing and sharing common decisions.

For more info visit: biolink.info/PONTOSFESTIVAL


If you have any artistic proposals related to the moodboard and creative direction of the festival or you are interested in collaborating with the festival, through partnerships, sponsorships or getting along on diverse roles, please, do not hesitate to write to us at nooxmanagement@gmail.com with the object “Pontos – Collaboration Request” and insert festivalpontos@gmail.com  in Cc.

Photos by Nderim Kaceli

Videos by Hassan De Filippis & Luca Schilirò

Written with <3 by Silvia Nocentini

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